Twitter for Beginners: The Complete Guide [2021]

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Welcome to Twitter, if you’re new to the platform.

For businesses and creators, Twitter is a fantastic medium. It’s ideal for announcing company news, participating in hot conversations, building your brand’s voice, and generating visitors to your website.

We’ll coach you through everything from setting up your profile to establishing a killer content strategy that supports your goals in this Twitter for beginners tutorial.

Twitter for Beginners: 5 Steps to Getting Started

Step 1: Create a Profile

Setting up your profile is the first step in using Twitter as a novice. People will know who you are and what kind of stuff they can expect from you if you do it this way.

You’ll need the following items:

  • It’s a handle. The part of your Twitter handle that appears after the @ symbol must be unique to your account. Maximum number of characters: 15.
  • A moniker. In every Tweet, your Twitter name will appear above your handle as an interchangeable identifier. Your handle, a brand hashtag, a slogan, and so on can all have the same name. It’s entirely up to you! 4 minutes – 50 characters maximum
  • A photo for your profile. The recommended profile image size is 400×400 pixels.
  • A photograph for the front cover. Cover photographs should have a resolution of 1500×500 pixels.
  • A little bio. A brief yet succinct summary of who you are and what you do. The maximum number of characters is 160.
  • You should provide a link to your website.

Because your handle, profile picture, and cover photo all represent your brand, it’s critical that they be high-resolution and truly reflect who you are.

Similarly, your bio will be your first chance to tell the tale of your company, so make the most of it.

Step 2: Pay attention to a few people

This is significant for a few of reasons. One, following accounts that are comparable to yours can teach you a lot (and we’re not just talking about celebrities). Two, you must follow in order to be followed. Savvy? It’s an excellent method to promote your presence on Twitter, and you’ll almost certainly be followed back by some of the accounts you’ve shown interest in. Don’t be shy – introduce yourself!

acheter abonnés twitter

Step 3: Acquire a working knowledge of Twitter jargon

There are a few crucial features to this social network that you should become acquainted with. Let’s get started:


Those things that begin with the letter P? Hashtags are a wonderful method to participate in Twitter conversations. There’s more on that later.

Handles. This was mentioned earlier, but it’s worth repeating: it’s your profile name.


Retweets, like Facebook shares, are like gold for your work. Simply click the button below the text to retweet content you see on Twitter. You’ll quickly be expecting that people would retweet your own stuff once you start tweeting.


A mention occurs when someone on Twitter speaks to you or mentions you. It’s something you’ll want to keep an eye on while you keep your channel up to date.

Step 4: Pick a topic to tweet about

What are you going to say? Are you more interested in executing Twitter marketing efforts or will you use it to make commentary on topics that are relevant to your company? Is it possible that it’s all of the above? This may change over time, but deciding what you’ll say on this social media outlet is a crucial first step. It will take some trial and error to figure out what works best, but having some basic content ideas will be really beneficial.

Make sure to use the Pinned tweet option once you’ve started tweeting. In a nutshell, it allows you to choose whatever tweet you want people to see the most. As a result, they’ll notice it first when they visit your profile and get an excellent picture of what you’re about.

Step 5: Keep Your Channel Active

Maintenance needs to be maintained. Making a tweeting schedule can help you get started on the right foot. The second half, on the other hand, is to see it through. People will likely move on or unfollow you if they visit your profile and notice that you haven’t tweeted in 4 months. To avoid this, you don’t have to tweet 20 times a day; you can tweet once a week if you want to. Just make sure you stick to it. In order to achieve the greatest results? We recommend tweeting at least once every couple of days with a variety of information. Don’t be scared to include some humorous tweets; the love will show in the retweets.